Saturday, March 28, 2015

Living Close To City Creek, Temple Square, and the Family History Libraries

Canyon Road Towers
When Kathleen and I came to Salt Lake to serve in the Family and Church History Headquarters mission we weren't sure if we wanted to plant our roots here. We first rented in the Brigham Apartments and then had the chance for more living space in Canyon Road Towers. We decided after my serving two missions and after a lengthy discussion about what was going on in real estate to activate my license in Utah.

This has been such a fun ride. It's been a great decision. I'd say it has been the most successful part of our real estate and mortgage career outside of the fabulous success we had owning our own mortgage company. To top it off I get to stay heavily involved in genealogy and family history.

The benefits of living close to City Creek, Temple Square, and The Family History Library are better than what I anticipated. We love it here. To break up my busy yesterday I walked to the Apple Store to figure something out regarding my new iPhone 6, stopped for a treat at Kneaders, and sat around to enjoy watching folks busy going from one store to another. The day before that Kathleen and I had lunch at our favorite local restaurant, The Blue Lemon. It's a great life style close in and downtown.

We recently took the Christensen family from Missouri on a typical tour of homes for sale in downtown Salt Lake City. We started at Canyon Road Towers and then toured: Garden Towers, Terrace Falls, 838 Condos, One and Nine, Trolley Regent, American Towers, Trevi Towers, and what was available in Zion Summit. Whew, a tiring day for all, but educational. I will let you guess which building was their favorite. Can't guess, call and ask. 801-923-4735.

I have a website where you can see my latest listings, other favorites, and do your own search. Usually I have the search box on  this website but just in case here is the link to it:

Many are like us, come and decide to stay. Others are like the folks from Missouri who have family here and want a second home or like recent buyers from Idaho Falls who think they will retire here. In Canyon Road Towers several started with this as their second home and now their homes in Pocatello are the second homes. Many are downsizing which is a challenge.

I certainly feel energized with the success we are experiencing, grateful too. The market was sort of slow for most agents and sellers last year. That changed in early January. All indicators confirm that the market is going strong now. It's an important time to take action if you are considering downtown Salt Lake City.