Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So Where Can A Genealogy Newbie Get Help?

There are many ways to get help:

If you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, each Ward is supposed to have at least three family history consultants. Start there.

If you are not a member, ask a member is one way. I am sure they can help, even if they haven't yet caught the spirit of the work, they can find someone to help you..

For all people:

Another is to visit one of the about 4000 family history centers. They aren't all open every day but their schedules are posted, as well as their addresses. click here and you go to this page; they are everywhere. They are staffed with volunteers of all faiths.

In the get help section are several sources of help from research to family tree: The get help section is also found from the front page of; the top black arrow in the top photo.

One of the expert church service missionaries in the Salt Lake City Family History Library,
Leland Moon, has spent numerous hours developing short videos on how to use family tree. They are the best. The link to them is always at the top of my blog: here it is:

Have fun in the search engine: the left arrow in that photo.

Some like to start with the family booklet; you can order one from the link in the bottom right arrow link. (top photo)

You can always find topical on line classes. This site posts the schedule for many. I love to learn this way:

Read blogs about the topic.

My favorite is to attend conferences or seminars.

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