Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 10 - Sharpen The Saw

See the SawsI first read the statement about the man who was too busy sawing wood, to sharpen the saw in a book by Steven Covey.

Your 10 days will have exposed you to a lot of concepts, websites, and ideas.

They may seem overwhelming. Or, to some of you, you got it.

I said in the beginning this was to make you a "Pretty Good Genealogist". Do these 10 days and it will do that for you.

However, the magic is in day 10. Day 10 continues beyond day 10. It's the concept of sharpening the saw. Sharpening the saw is fun. It is to look for every opportunity to learn more:

It's attending family history conferences such as RootsTech. These types of events happen often and all over the place.

It's finding and watching webinars that will help you.

It's reading blogs with ideas.

It's following other genealogists online.

It's liking Facebook pages of the focus that will help you.

It's recognizing you have more how to knowledge than most, you are off to a great start, and that you now are an asset to others. How easy that was. Now keep on keeping on.

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