Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Tree Went Live Late 11/1/2012 Login At

If, when you login to you don't see the link to family tree in the sidebar, stay loggen in and click this link to turn it on. it matters not whether you are a member of the LDS church or not. It for all of Adams family.

The Tree as many of us call it is functioning pretty well. Yet, it is not fully ready to be officially released. I noticed yesterday that several features were working that weren't the day before. That's  OK, I can get you on, just know it isn't fully functional, there may be some bugs.

You must have opened up a FamilySearch account and be logged in. For that go to Family and sign up for a new account. Then copy this link into the browser:   (Just click it and it will turn the Tree on. Then, once turned on for you every time you login to it will be an option in your upper menu bar) 

Officially we may be a couple of weeks from being live. But in fact, the Tree is very functional.

Below is an example of some of what is still in process:
When we released the sources feature, we knew that we needed to add a way to verify the URLs to prevent FamilySearch from being used as a portal to get to inappropriate web sites. We are using a third party solution to review the web sites, and we turned this feature on about three weeks ago as a test.
If you enter URLs for Dropbox, Google docs, Flicker, and other web sites where it is possible to upload questionable materials, you now get a message that the URL can be submitted for review. The reason you are seeing this message is that we won’t automatically approve links to these public storage sites. Users could upload all kinds of bad material and use FamilySearch as a portal to view it.
So we ask you to submit the specific URL for review. When we approve it, we e-mail you and ask you to create the source again. This is a bad user experience, but it was the quickest and easiest thing we could do with the time constraint we had. Here is what we are changing to make this experience better:
1. In a few days, we will change the error message to remove the word inappropriate and make the message a little softer.
2. Also in a few days we will e-mail users that submitted a URL for us to review to tell them they can re-enter the source with the URL if it was approved.
3. Today, we started working to change the entire flow for reviewing URLs. It will take a couple of weeks to complete the work. When we are done, this review process will be automated. When a user creates a source with a URL that needs to be reviewed, the source will be created, saved, and added to his or her source box. The URL field will say Under Review. When the source is approved, the URL will appear. No other action will need to be taken by the user. If the URL is not approved the source will be deleted, and the creator notified.

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