Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 1 Goal

GoalsI propose you have two goals: The initial goal is to document as much as you can about your first 4 generations of ancestors.

This could take up our 10 days to being a pretty good genealogist.

Or, if you are like one of the new missionaries, you will be from a country where that is an impossible goal.  She is using the time here in training to write her own family history.

Later I will refer you to having a research plan. This will emphasize working on a small project. Picking this will be your second goal.

For your 10 day plan I will encourage you to cover a lot of ground with me. We will be exploring a lot of techniques for research as we do this.

You might also decide what you hope to accomplish. For our new missionaries we want them to go home and be an asset in Genealogy/Family History for their community, their church, and their family.

I started because I got the bug through a sunday school class on genealogy. I saw how fun it was to find people I was related to. I then decided it was a great Sunday activity. I would spend hours just doing family history work.

You don't have to start out with a huge expectation or by being intimidated. There are so many resources now, it won't take you more that 10 days to be confident.

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