Thursday, February 9, 2012

Serve A Part Time Mission From Home? Really?

Yes, and are you ever needed. 

The church has a mission zone that supports questions from patrons world wide. This is an actual missionary calling, interviews, calling letter, and badge. After two months of training the at home missionary serves 15 hours per week at home. The at home missionary is called for at least one year. At home missionaries serve answering important questions on doing family history. These come by email, phone calls, or text messages.

There are currently over 500 at home missionaries and family history needs at least 1000 more. When you inquire our department matches your skills and interests with the needs of family history. We place and train people in their department.

Our biggest need is new family search. That will become family tree. We also assign people to the wiki, family history centers, indexing support, online film ordering, and family history research.

I've felt a  lot of emotion at times, realizing the blessing an at home mission call can be to a member or family. I almost cried at the excitement of a mother when she realized we were placing her son as an actual missionary. A similar emotion was felt when a sister wheel chair bound realized she was going to be able to provide meaningful service.

If you want to explore this opportunity call 1-800-453-3860 ext 2-0850 or email:

I highly recommend this video of Sister Horning. It tells more in a few minutes than I could in an hour. Sister Horning Tells Her Story

For our friends and patrons who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you can give back in many ways too. Serving in a local family history center is one example. The biggest need is in idexing the 1940 Census.  That project starts the 1st week of April. The data will be easy to read and index. The results will be posted free of charge on You can sign up now by going to 1940 Census website

There is also a new iPad ap in the Ap Store.

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