Friday, February 10, 2012

We Are All Stuck on Some Names Aren't We?

I guess unless you have taken your entire family tree back to Adam and Eve you have a name you are stuck on. For sure I haven't gone back that far. How about you?

Here are some examples of where I am stuck:
  In my Porter line:
            William Shaw married Martha Pool - Who were Martha's  Parents?
             Neil O'Neal Married Agnes or Alice - Last name would help & What
             about her parents?
  In my Bingham line:
             Sarah Rebecca Adams, born 1800 - I don't have info on her parents either.
  In my Cragun line:
             I'm Stuck on Sarah Catherine Plank.She lived in the late 1700's early 1800's.
             Andrew Mauer married Barbara and that's all I know.
             Alexander Osborne married Martha, and that's all I know.
             Charles Abbey married Fannie - who were both of their parents?
             and of Course Patrick Cragun could have left us better info all around. I
             would appreciate as much as possible as this original Tea Partier. (as in
             Boston Tea Party)

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