Monday, February 13, 2012

Edward Rich South - A Persuasive Man

Edward Rich South

When I publish my grandmother, Nancy Athena Porters story, you will see another evidence of Edwards persuasiveness.

This first trip to Omaha was a great thrill for Edward. In 1896, at age 27, he was appointed Deputy Sheriff of Rich County, which brought many more exciting experiences. One criminal was caught by Edward's efforts, then tried, found guilty, and sentenced to prison. Upon his release, the criminal boasted that he was going to kill Edward. Due to this malcontent cantankerous disposition, many people believed this to be the end of Edward. They inevitably met one day when Edward was at a popular eating establishment, in a small village in the county. The criminal pulled out his gun and ordered Edward outside. He then commanded Edward to get inside a buggy. As they rode away, Edward's salesman ability went to work as he talked to the man, finding out how much he disliked the stigma of being a criminal and how people shunned him. The felonious man then said he would kill, if necessary, for a thousand dollars. Edward pulled out his wallet and offered the criminal half of what he had in it. This softened the man, with him commenting that this was the first time in his life that anyone had given him anything. Edward then inquired if the criminal still liked horses; the reply was, "yes." Edward then suggested that the man get a job driving horses. At the end of the talk, they were friends

A complete story on Edward is here: Edward Rich South

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