Thursday, February 9, 2012

FInd A Grave - A Cool Research Site

I have really appreciated how much information is found on I will use an ancestor Erastus Freeman Bingham as an example. Rhonda Holton has contributed photos and information that appears on over 7,000 grave sites. I don't even know if she is a relative, but she is the administator of Erastus's find a grave memorial. Be it Rhonda or some other, the information on find a grave for Erastus and many others is a quite a find.

There are photos of Erastus and of his gravestone:

There is a brief life story on Erastus: I share just a couple of paragraphs here:

When the exodus begun in 1846, leaders of the church called upon Erastus to make the roads, build the bridges, and plant the crops the Saints would need in their trek across Iowa. His wife, Olive and his two small children joined him in Council Bluffs, with the main body of the church, just in time to hear the call for the "Mormon Battalion".

Erastus was president of the 38th Quorum of Seventies. In 1858, having served in the Mormon Battalion and then in state militia, Erastus was called to serve again, with the rank of Major, in the Echo Canyon campaign against Johnston's Army.

There are links to 14 other related memorials. They are all content rich.

For the full find a grave memorial on Erastus click this link:Erastus Freeman Bingham on Find A Grave Website

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