Friday, October 26, 2012

Where Should You Be By Day 4?

10 Days To Becoming A Pretty Good Genealogist is a real concept which I take new missionaries through during their first 10 days of their mission here at Church Headquarters.

By now  you should be getting familiar with basic ways to search for your ancestors, you should have started filling in your first 4 generations of grandparents, and you should start being comfortable with FamilySearch Family Tree.

Hopefully you are beginning to catch the spirit of this great work.

Today I want you to really study Family Tree. Go through each training video here: Note the videos are slow to load up. Use the manual if you need additional  help,it's on this blog and on the video training website. Do some searching for ancestors and see if you can add some names to the Tree. See if there are any errors and go ahead and fix them. Look for a discussion to start about one of your ancestors. Add more sources from websites.

Leave any  questions you  have as comments on one of the articles, I will be most willing to help  your questions get answered, it will help me improve this 10 day plan. I am likely to  update it as I work through more new trainees in this mission.

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