Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rules to Follow In Family Tree

Rules of the Inn 1786Remember these two principles for Family Tree:

1- A purpose is to document all you put on or change on the Tree. The phrase "Genealogy without documentation is mythology" is more than just a fun statement. It is a fact. Folklore may be true, but does it override documentable sources? Probably not.It is time for us to stop being slapstick amateurs and just put up what we think is right, or even what our family stories are. Take your time when adding, deleting, or changing what is on the Tree. You don't have to fix things that are wrong overnight. Be methodical. Be serious. Be a pro.

2- Another purpose is to collaborate with other ancestors. I have to laugh, I received a brisk email from an unknown cousin challenging what I had put on the Tree regarding HIS Great Great Grandfather. Humm, his? No, ours. The Point - Let us collaborate!

I have discovered there is a lot of family stories that just might be folklore. Good stories, but true? Perhaps. So lets collaborate with each other in the section called discussions. Decide together the best facts.

Don't change add or delete things without documentation. If unsure, start a conversation. It's easy, it's fun, and it's important.

PS: Don't get testy.

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