Monday, May 7, 2012

Origon of The Porter Family

France - September 2001 (51)
William The Conqueror
The full name of the first Porter was Ralph Roger Porter. He was born in the eleventh century A D. He was the son of William de la Grande, a Norman Knight. William de la grande fought in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, with William, The Conquerer, the Norman Duke. After the Norman conquest, William de la Grande acquired land near Kenilworth County, Warwick, England.

William the Conqueror became King of England and was known as William the First. Succeeding William, The First was his son, Henry, known as Henry the First, King of England. In 1120, Henry, the First appointed the son of William de la Grande as his "Grand Porteur". It is from this appointment that the name Porter was derived. The appointee became known as Ralph Roger Porter. He held the tile of "Grand Porteur" from 1120 to 1140.

The name Porter is derived from the French word porte, Latin Porta, a gate and a gate opener or gate protector in the same sense as John 10:3, "to him the porter openeth" It does not mean a Procter in the sense of a burden bearer.

The Kings Castle was surrounded by a moat. Over the moat at the castle's entrance was a gate. This gate could be closed by pulling it up as a draw bridge. Whenever the visitors wished to enter the castle they were required to ring the bells at the entrance and if they were eligible to enter the "Grand Porteur" or his helpers would lower the gate bridge across the moat and the visitors could then enter the castle.

The above circumstances led to the design of the Porter Coat-Of-Arms. By William Arthur Porter Sr.

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