Thursday, May 3, 2012

Church Produced Genealogy - Family History Beginner Videos

Hot off the press and found on the LDS Church Family Search Facebook page. Did you know the church as fully adopted Facebook? There are scores of pages, some specializing in certain locations for research. I friended 4 of them. There are even blogs. This article links you to four videos they have produced for beginners in family history. The article below is part of what they posted today with a link to their blog and the full article.

Quoting from the artile: "If you’re just getting started with your family history research and feel like you need some help, there are 4 great videos posted on YouTube you should see. These are easy to follow videos that were created for the beginner. They assume you know little or nothing about doing genealogy research.  In most cases, you will be starting your own research after the very first video.  All 4 videos are under 4 minutes in length, so you’re not investing a lot of time to learn these simple but valuable research skills. They’re fun to watch and easy to follow"...  Click Here

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