Thursday, May 3, 2012

Opening a Flickr Account

I am convinced, after almost a decade of blogging that Flickr is one of your best friends. >
You can store your own photos in Flickr and you can use some of the, in fact most of the photos in Flickr. You are to give the author credit for that photo. After several procedure changes Flickr ended up with a simple solution. >
If you place the photo in your blog using the HTML Provided by Flickr, it has the necessary credit within the HTML. It sends a message to the owner of the photo that their photo is used by you. If you double click the photo after it is placed in the blog it will take you to the owners account. Photographs give life to an article. My style is to search in Flickr for something to do with a topic. Actually I go to my wife Kathleens Flickr account first. She is an awesome photographer and has so many photographs in her file I can often find one that fits the mood of my article.>
To give you an example of how I work, on May 2nd of this year I wrote an article about The Mormon Church having a culture of service. I went to Flickr and searched several words without finding a photo I liked. I searched "service", "needy" "helpless" and "old" before I thought of retirement home, where I found the photo I liked.

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