Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cragun Traits


Eva Cragun Heiner wrote a few things in her book, Patrick Cragun Descendants in America 1744-1969 a few things that just have to be wrong about the Craguns.

I'll share a couple: 1- "A Cragun would rather argue than eat". Now that might have been true about my dad, Royal Cragun, even his brother Howard - oh no, not Howard = he's still alive. Sorry Uncle. But their brother Glen, now that guy loved to argue. He was a good guy though. O K, I can prove that this Cragun never got into arguing. Not in the past, not now, not ever. Obama is a Marxist.

See that lady in the photo above. Do you know why she is crying? It's simple, she knew that I should have won it with the title Mr. Blog USA. I got rooked. Her final question was a setup. They asked her a question where she could answer, "World Peace." And my question was a dopey one - How many games did the Seattle Supersonics win last year.

2- She also wrote that it could never be said, "like father like son", for if the father was a farmer the sons did something else. Now this is plain idiocy. My father was an electrician and a refrigeration mechanic. He was always tinkering with things. It's not my fault that my sister Nancy got all the natural mechanic and engineering skills. Pure coincidence Eva, not temperament.

Oh, and to prove Eva didn't have things right about we Craguns, she claims "we never stay in the area where we were born". I was born in Shelton, Washington. We left for Pocatello when I was about 7 years old. Now the fact is, that I did return to Shelton once 18 years ago. My not settling there had nothing to do with what Eva was implying, it's just that Shelton is a dead town with nothing exciting to do. And for Pocatello, hey, no one stays in Pocatello. It's too close to Inkom. We used to identify it with a saying: Inkom Stinkum.

Don't go buy the book. It's dead wrong. And besides, it's out of print. The real Cragun's can be identified by my character

 Take a look at this cute picture. You can tell, smooth natured, easy going, sweet, never argues, friendly, and the kicker, I have only owned and resided in 5 different homes in the last 14 years. So there. Lar


  1. I don't fish any more, nor take that bait!

    The fact that we have living relatives that never speak to each other, may mean not only we do argue BUT, we hold grudges that belong to others.

    Why do we do that, Eva?