Monday, May 14, 2012

Sometimes Our Parents & Grandparents Hid The Truth, Even My Grandmother Blanch Bingham?

Our Grandmother Blanche Bingham had a rough life at times. I wrote previously from her writings as an old lady, how she said she was lonely. Click Here We have other writings where she said how happy she was. We are told things we are having a hard time verifying. Her first husband, Grundy, seemed to be a bigomist, so the story goes. I was told as a young person this marriage was anulled. We see in her writings the word divorce. Then she married Cragun and it seems those were hard times. Simeon Cragun, my grandfather died. At that time my father, Royal Cragun was the oldest at home. He was a responsible type person and went to work, foregoing any higher education, to support Grandmother and his younger siblings.

Yesterday, my sister Nancy called. Being the bloodhound detective she is, and prompted by the recent Who Do You Think You Are show, decided to check out the bigamy story.  She called and asked me to go to Ogden, where many of these events likely took place. It seems the dates of marriages, births, etc. aren't matching up.

Seeing the document beats hand me down stories.

Ahah, I have one of Grandmothers marriage certificate in things I got from Mother. It saves a lot of effort to have the documents easily at your fingertips. So now I refer you back to the article: Be Ye Therefore Organized, click here for that. It's really a great feeling.

Here is one of the documents you wanted me to research, Nancy: front and back. Click the link below the certificate to go to where you can, and I did upload the document. A larger photo is at that site.

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