Sunday, May 13, 2012

2 Key Things To Know About Genealogy Research

Stairway To Heaven!
Perhaps Your Ancestors Are Close By
1- Your Ancestors want to be found and to be remembered. Death isn't the end it is the next step. You can help them and they will help you.

Do you love the hunt? It gets that way as you proceed.  Are you good on the computer? Then do research. Did you know your grandparents, attend reunions, live in the same place, or know the facts in the pictures you have? Then write the story.

You develop an amazing love for your ancestors as you engange in Genealogy.

2- Keep in mind that records are kept in a specfic place. Your job is to find that place. Locate the office or source of the original record. It may be in a City, County, Church or Government location. They may be in vital records, a cemetary, a census, be a land record, a church or military record, naturalization records, probate, or a newpaper or school record.

Find or make a log sheet, keep each family in a file so you have a record of which of the above you searched. "Be Happy, Find Granny"

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