Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Searching Tip

Function Key
Some Keyboards don't have an Fn key - Use F3 then

In doing on line genealogy searches you are likely to end up with a result that is a book. This happens in Google Books for example. Mocavo, the genealogy search engine frequently takes you to a large document such as a book from a library, a university, or another that is old an lengthy.

Rather than labor throught the book for a single use of a name you can quickly scan the book. It works similar to a Google search.

To do that book search, or document search, merely push down the Fn key and the f key. It opens up a box and to the right of the box tells you how many matches for the word is in the document.

It takes your screen to the first instance. Just hit enter to move to the next instance. It's really handy.

I have been searching for my ancestor from Ireland, Patrick Cragun. Cragun has about  100 versions of spellings, none in Ireland using C R A G U N. At least none so far. I am keeping a log I have created for each search and each version of the name.

It's grueling task, but this shortcut helps me a lot.

If your keyboard doesnt have the Fn key, try using F3 to get the same result.

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