Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spammers Make Me Turn Comments To Moderate

When someone leaves a nice comment and plants a bunch of links to their websites with that comment they have only one objective, which is to promote their sites. The nice comment is fake. They are called spammers.

That happened yesterday on this blog.

I, therefore, deleted the comment and changed the settings so I must approve a comment before it goes live. I thought on our topic of genealogy people would not abuse the value of having the instant gratification of seeing your comment go live immediately. I might point out the my wife told me this would happen. I hate how she is always right.

What the person was doing was hoping to plant links on my blog. It would drive traffic to his sites and give him more strength with the search engines. Don't use this method to drive traffic. There are legitimate methods, this isn't one of them. Had the spammer left a comment of value, I would have gone to his blog. Were it relevent to my goals, and were it a site I liked, I would have linked to  it.

We teach how to blog for the search engines in our Free 4 part Blogging for Genealogy class.

Even though I now have comments moderated, in the future I will try and push your legitimate comments live promptly. Lar

Actually, I think if he had only placed one URL in the comment I wouldn't have had such a problem.


  1. I tried turning off the moderation. It only lasted a couple days. I was amazed at the spamming. So comment moderation is back on.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)