Monday, May 28, 2012

Perhaps The Best Genealogy Blog Application Is As A Research Blog

The good news is that since blogging is easy to setup and execute you can easily publish blogs with different focuses. I do have many reasons to write this blog and I intend on continuing. (Click here for my short power point on that).

Originally I had no intentions of writing a research blog. However, Kathleens conviction of that being a value got me started. Now I think I am more excited about a research blog than any other.

Not all, but most of my research to date has been on line. I have often come across things that are interesting but too time consuming to copy.

That isn't a problem with a blog.

I have developed the habit of having two windows open, one being my research blog.

When I find something of interest I simply do a copy and paste from where the article is, to my research blog. I should and do provide a link to the article I am copying from for sourcing process. That is also proper copywrite eticate. (Also, don't take the whole article, just up to 1/3 of it).

I tag the article. I activate the labels widget and give it the name of "Categories". This provides me the ability to later just click the label (Illustrated in the red arrow section in the left of the photo below) and those are the articles that are delivered to read.

Handy, on the right sidebar (purple arrows) are the titles of the articles by date published to peruse.

It takes a little more time to add a photo, but sometimes it is valuable to do so. (Blue Arrow)
In summary: I am recording many more things I see online because it's so quick and simple to do.
Also, I am actually creating an organized record of what I find searching. Not all I post on the research blog will be really valuable, but it's now mine to go back to and evaluate.

I still need my research logs, but I now am noting on them the date I posted something I found and published. So, now my research logs are interacting with my blog. They are becoming more meaningful.

I am also hoping that others who find my blogs will find it of value, perhaps even do as already has happened - recriprocate with info I can use.

Here is a link to my Cragun Family Research blog for your review:

By the way, I notice that the Cragun researcg blog, as I have been creating so many articles I copy and paste or comment on, that this blog is becoming real powerful in Google searches. The reasons: so many entries a day on one topic - Cragun for example - that Google is delivering it as a credible site.

Google is another reason not to copy the whole article and to link to the source article. Google notes duplicate content and punishes them both as spam sites.

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