Friday, May 18, 2012

Mocavo Genealogy Search Engine Found By Attending A Webinar

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Mocavo was recommended to me yesterday.

This is a search engine, like Google, except it is focused on filtering out the non genealogy sites.

You do have to register your email address and name, no big deal.

Here is a testimony they placed on their website. Dick Eastman
"All my future genealogy searches will start on I've been using the site for a while during its testing and have been very impressed. I suspect you will always have better luck searching for your own surnames of interest on than on any other search engine."
I did a search on Mocavo for Patrick Cragun and found it only pulled up results that were directly related to Patrick. Pretty cool. 

For me, it was one of the many jewels that came out of a webinar. It is truly fabulous how many people are willing to share tips and information.

There are many webinars coming up and I can't imagine you not finding one that you can benefit from.

The process is easy, register, and you will get an email with the link to login and watch the webinar.

You will need to turn your volume up on your computer or phone into a number you will be provided.

I go to the website you will find linked on the right side of this blog: Here is a pretty good directory of upcoming webinars.

For example if you have an account you might benefit from this webinar:

Wednesday, May 23 8:00pm
Your Unofficial Guide to Tips, Hints and Hacks for Finding Your Ancestors
Always double check the time zones:
I think this is the next one I will attend: Wednesday, June 20 2:00pm
 Marriages and Anniversaries. Mining newspapers for engagements, marriages, anniversaries.
What would be cool is if someone could hold a webinar on one of my ancestor lines: Cragun, Porter, Bingham, or Salinas.

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