Friday, October 19, 2012

Absolutely - Every Online Search Should Start at

Here are 4 reasons why every online search should begin on
    1- It is the most complete database of geneology records in the world.
    2- Every workday 1.7 or more million records are added to the database.
    3- It is free.
    4- A simple touch of a button places that record in your FamilySearch Family Tree source box.

Day 1 Assignment to start searching on :

With this assignment you have already gained access to FamilySearch Family Tree. You have created a 4 generation chart, to the best of your ability. At least you have started one.

Now pick an ancestor that has passed on and place their name in the search box, click search and you have begun.

In this example I just input my great grandfather John President Porters name. I could have been more specific as in the red bordered box, but it's better to start with less information.

His death Certificate came up.

I knew I would want this so I clicked and added it to my source box.

Then I opened the certificate to read by clicking on the title. Death certificates are full of good information. Double click it and take a look.

Perhaps you found a census record. Study it. Write down what you see in an ancestor profile log.

If your Day 1 is ended and you still have time, move on to day 2.

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