Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lets Get Going On Day 2

Our focus today will be in starting to work in FamilySearch Family Tree. Gaining access was a day 1 assignment. You will have logged in or signed up and logged in to http://FamilySearch.org/ If the Family Tree isn't turned on (you would see it in the upper part of the screen).
Yesterday you also were to search on family search for records of people in your pedigree chart.
You then added them to the source box.

You will waste a lot of time if you don't keep track of the searches you made on each website.

Don't act like a rookie, take the time to do it.

Now lets go to the tree and see what your Family Tree looks like. It might be blank. In that case you will need to start inputting names and details about your ancestor. It might be filled in. In that case you will need to start verifying and even documenting those that are delivered as your family. It is likely to have errors. No problem, they are easy to correct now.
So lets look at the options. If there are no names in your tree you can input them, and all sorts of information about them. Here is a good video explaining how to add information to your tree.
C:\Users\FHUNIV24\Desktop\ft1.png takes you to the video below.

Your next assignment for today
is to make sure your family, your parents, and your grandparents
are entered into the tree.
It's ok to spend a few hours on this exercise.
After that, go out to http://familysearch.org/ and see how many sources you find on this website about those ancestors and put those sources in your source box.

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