Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Royal Cragun Birth Certificate

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Kent Smith Birth Certificate

Kent Smith Birth Certificate
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Blanche Rebecca Bingham

This one is confusing: The birth certificate has her name as Rebecca B Bingham implying her first name is Rebecca: I am her grandson and we always were told her name was Blanche Rebecca Bingham.

Electa Elizabeth Porter Gravestone

This is posted on her findagrave.com memorial: http://bit.ly/xdwkR1

Note: Electa married Joseph Rich Porter, her 1st cousin.

Rivas Documents

My sister Connie married Issac Rivas. He has provided me much informaton about his ancestors and has asked me to do genealogy on his ancestors.

Daniel Rivas baptism certificate

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vera Cragun Death Cert

Vera was the daughter of Simeon Cragun and Blanche Bingham.

Family Tree Access

Using the FamilySearch Family Tree (23 March 2012)

Using the FamilySearch Family Tree

The FamilySearch Family Tree is an online family tree application that allows you to collaborate with others to build, share, manage, and preserve your family history online. It uses the same database as new.familysearch.org, and it will eventually replace that application.
To use the FamilySearch Family Tree, your FamilySearch Account or LDS FamilySearch Account must be authorized. Even if you already use new.familysearch.org, your account must be authorized to use the FamilySearch Family Tree.
The FamilySearch FamilySearch Family Tree does not yet contain all of the features available at new.familysearch.org. To use features that have not yet been added, such as adding new individuals and combining duplicate records, use new.familysearch.org.

  1. To use the FamilySearch Family Tree, go to familysearch.org.
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  3. Click FamilySearch Family Tree. This link appears next to the FamilySearch logo in the upper-left corner of the screen.
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reuben Cragun Family

Reuben was the son of Blanche Smith and Grundy. He lived all his life with the Cragun name. His wife was Cora Rolfe and his children were Blaine and Helen:
Helen Cragun