Saturday, January 5, 2013

ANYONE Can Learn How To Do Genealgy Research on

There are over 500 video training courses on They are published for all levels of experience, especially for the beginner. It's fun, it's easy to learn, it is challenging, and most of all there is a spirit to it. It's like your ancestors are rooting you on. Wouldn't you like to know these people before you pass on? They need not be strangers. I am most anxious to meet my Grandma Nancy Porter and 2nd Great Grandfather Elisha Cragun. Why? Because I think I know them now.

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  1. Could you give us an update on the status of the Family Tree implementation? It seems to me there are still a couple of issues:

    (1) Duplicates and Merge doesn't seem to be working. Check for duplicates finds lots of records not even remotely related to your person, but fails to find true duplicates. When you try and do a Merge you usually get a message about not being able to complete the merge at this time.

    (2) The temple work at the bottom of the page still seems "locked." You can't really tell if the temple work shown is for the right person. You can go into FSFT and change a record, but after you have changed it, how do you know if it is for the right person?

    (3) I assume FS Photos is the way we will post photos, family histories, and our own sources that we have scanned on FSFT. Is that correct? Any idea when this will be functional?

    (4) Third party products like FamilyInsight don't seem to synch with FSFT - only with nFS. Any idea when they will be able to work with FSFT?

    (5) Is FSFT open to everyone now (including nonmenbers)?


  2. I'll make an article on these. Until then: 1- When you find a unrelated duplicate clicking not a duplicate eliminates it ever being shown as a possbile duplicate, a good thing.(That includes new family search) 2- I'm not sure I understand this problem. I will say that the Temple section is not complete and is down a lot. 3- I've seen the test site on this feature. It's going to be here for sure. I too am anxious for it. It will have upload photos, stories, documents, and even oral histories. I think the target date for this to be live is still sometime this month. 4- The 3rd party vendors have the code to family tree and seem to be months away from delivering. Many new vendors are also working on cool features. 5- If a non member signs up for a family search account they should see family tree when logged in. If not, let me know and I will give you an invite link. Thanks for your questions. Tree isn't perfect but it's still cool. Elder Cragun

  3. Thanks. One additional question - Are the sources and notes still going to be brought over from nFS to FSFT?

    1. I don't think so, but I will find out for sure in a meeting on Saturday.