Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How Is That Research Repeat Going?

Don't you just love wasting time? It's fun knowing you are doing research already gathered by others isn't it?

Teach it to your kids too, about that? Research Repeat, the ancient way in Genealogy. It's Great!

I guess those most committed to this concept are you in who have your information as PRIVATE, like it's a secret, like you are the only grandchild of Adam and Eve.

I have a suggestion for you - change your name - pick something no one else has picked. Look for suggestions. Here is one, make your new last name something like Goooooooosen. No one has that one yet, I bet.

By the way, stats show that 80% of research concluded is "Research Repeat"

There is another way for those interested: it's called FamilySearch Family Tree. It has already saved me months of research time thanks to the generous attitude of others related to my Elisha Cragun 2nd great grandfather.

When we all work together we can accomplish amazing things. How about that thought?

If you want to try it out, let me know.

PS: The sarcasm is meant in fun.

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