Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coming To Family Tree:

There are many who would like to find fault and not use FamilySearch family tree as it isn't in a perfect completed stage yet.

One of the complaints is that it won't print pedigree charts and family group sheets. That is soon going to be solved. I saw a screen shot of the printing features of these two reports and they are nicely done.

Family Tree has been under development for just over a year and a half. It's giant project, at times having over 600 engineers and developers building it, a huge commitment and one not to be taken lightly or treated disrespectfully.

As it is it is awesome. So what if it has a bug here or there or if there is a feature I want that isn't there yet.

IT SOLVES THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IN RESEARCH, THAT OF "RESEARCH REPEAT". We waste so much time duplicating another persons work.

That came front and center to me this month when Gaylynn Heiner Hone provided her years of research she had done on Elisha Cragun, who I had decided to focus on. I'm guessing the near 100 pages saved me and anyone else embarking on this task at least a year in research time.

A feature being developed that I am most enthused about is the family sharing feature. Here family members can share living information amongst themselves: stories, photos, documents, etc. I've wondered how do I input into the tree my photos and documents without dying. Also, if I am dead will the heavens allow me to attach something to the tree? Probably not. So the problem will be solved.

Very soon the duplicates bug will be resolved.

For those of you using new.familsearch.org please STOP. I mentioned a reason yesterday, but as added reason, when you merge a file in newfamilysearch it messes up the tree. Get used to the tree as I expect new family search to be turned off for the reasons I have mentioned.

And to you who are determined to gripe and find fault, it's over, the decision has been made: family tree is the future and you will be glad once you get it.

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