Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 6 - Research - Attach - Write The Story

Hopefully you have been inspired about a particular ancestor. It is now time to execute a plan to find things about him or her, attach those items to the tree, and extract information into a story to share. You might have followed day 1 advice in gathering information you might already have and from relatives. Additionally, we will use the web and the FamilySearch family history library resources.

It turns out this is not Elisha, but his nephew from St George
To help illustrate the process we will use my 3rd great grandfather Patrick Cragun
In the previous 5 days you likely found information on your selected ancestor. It is important that you attached those findings to your ancestor on Family Tree, thus you made it possible for others to see your work and move on to finding different information. You began the process of collaboration. You now made it possible for your children to not have to duplicate your work. Very noble of you.
I found this photo of Elisha by doing a Google Image Search. Did you find anything by searching Google or Google Images?
I made up a simple form in Microsoft Word so that I could copy and paste from the internet to a new document. After copying from 9 sources I then edited it from 4 pages with some duplicates down to 2 pages that I am anxious for my children to read. What I have collected already means a lot to me.

This word document that I use is simple and likely to be expanded upon as I go. The format is just an outline of the types of information I am looking for. I am sure there are better ones to be found. This does work however.
Also on a Google Search I found a story on Ben Cragun's site and a civil war index card.
On Family I found him in 3 census.
On I found a memorial and information about his death.
I found birth and death information on  

By the way - your day 7 assignment will be to go to your nearest FamilySearch Family History Library. Be thinking about that. 

 In I found more information on  his civil war duty.
Best of all, in the Source Box in the Tree someone else had placed a link to a book that told many things about Elisha, His wife, and his wifes family.

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