Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Understanding Family

To receive the full benefit of family search you need to sign up and/or sign in. Some of the data only shows to registered users. (Part of our contracts with some of our data sources)

Unimaginable resources are being put into I have published several articles about FamilySearch that you can read by clicking here:

In the green box you find the search part. Millions of new records are published in this site weekly. It is the first place to start searching for your ancestors. Remember to try different spellings. Don't put too much information in your first search effort. Add information in additional searches. (Example middle names)

In the purple box you do searches by location, a way of filtering down the number of results you get.

In the blue box you find the learning center: The Wiki and the Learning videos are most important here.

The yellow box shows the blog: pretty good stuff here.

The red box takes you to the family tree - the awesome and huge undertaking the church has implemented.

We will go into more depth in future days, but for today become familiar with the parts. View some training videos, visit the Wiki and search for something - read some of the articles that result from that search.

Click family tree and see if you have a pedigree showing up yet. If not, don't worry, we will show you how to get that going.

The more you explore the better.

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