Sunday, December 23, 2012

Learn How To Research In England

FamilySearch is more than a search engine. It is much more than a search engine and access point to the new and important Family Tree. It is also one of the best places to learn about genealogy research.

All the components in FamilySearch are free.

These past two weeks I have been training a new missionary serving here in Salt Lake City. He and his wife will be assigned to the Family History Library on West Temple Street.

Many of his ancestors come from England. He comes as a novice to genealogy research. My training for him is just a start. He'll get more. However, when it comes to his British ancestors, his best resource is in learn. Currently there are 27 videos on the topic of England. There were 25 on Thursday of last week. It grows regularly and in total are now over 450 courses on various topics. They are found in the research courses section of learn.

The classes are provided by experts in the field and go from 10 minutes to an hour in time. There are classes geared to the novice and the expert.

Here are a few of the topics:

England Beginning Research Series Lesson 1: Getting Started

England Beginning Research Series Lesson 2: Understanding Census Records

Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions and Probate Records

Take a brief look at terms that relate to children, such as Illegitimacy, Half-Baptized, Chrisom Child. Also learn about terms regarding relationships and what they mean. This is the final lesson in this series.

There are many more - a great way to learn genealogy research.

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