Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where To Start What To Do?

Olympic Torch relay.It's time to revise my 10 day plan a bit.

I've trained a few new missionaries (2 weeks one on one) and want to simplify the plan.

I am posting this as someone who trains new missionaries assigned to this mission. Most come here with little or no knowledge of the things I share with you. Being in the older set, they often struggle, at least struggle with their confidence level. Our goal, my goal here, is to teach enough in a way that one really does become a pretty good genealogist. No one is too green. Anyone can do this. My pattern here is based on months of training these greenies.

I really believe when you get a few important parts down you will catch fire and add to you knowledge base with enthusiasm.

There truly is a spirit about genealogy research that invigorates ones soul.

I will break it down into 10 parts, consider each part a day:

1- Be Inspired - Gather Facts - Start A Pedigree Chart.

2- Understand

3- Dig into FamilySearch Family Tree: Family Tree Part 1.

4- Family Tree Part 2: Creating A Source. Become familiar with the next 4 most important search sites.

5- Fill out as much as you can on your pedigree chart, and document to the tree.

6- Understand important research principles. Move from covering a lot of ancestors to focusing on one. Stories, that is what makes genealogy - family history burn in your heart.

7- Ways to learn about that ancestor.

8- Family Tree Part 3.

9- Family Tree Part 4.

10- Sharpen the saw. You will be amazed at just how sharp you become.

This too is a work in process. Dig in and come back often. Larry

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