Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Quang cao Jacpot

After posting  366 articles, having some great interaction with unknown relatives I really hit the Jackpot last night.

I had been found on Google by a serious researcher relative. She forwarded me 55 pages of documents on just the person I was focused on and his father. Elisha and Patrick Cragun. Her grandmother had written the most credible and complete book on our Cragun ancestors in America, Eva Heiner.

Her message was simple:
I am enclosing some info that I have done - At this time I am not
going to do more research on the Cragun line but I am going to do some
research on the Osborn line

I am sending you some of the reports that I have put together


Whoopee. Back to a principle that guides the new FamilySearch Family Tree: Why should we have to duplicate the research efforts of another? Gaylynne is now moving on to another line I am related to, Osborn. I can be more effective on my research and provide my children stories and information- that is new to them.

Gaylynne sent me 55 pages. On the  phone  she said it is only 1/10 of the research she has.

Jackpot. Thanks Gaylynne for your work and for contacting me. Larry

She also gave me knowledge of Nathans Porters journal and where it is. He was the missionary that converted Elisha to the Mormon Church. He is also a relative.

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