Saturday, December 29, 2012

There Is A Lot To Know About Elisha Cragun And Much Is Found Now In Family Tree

This article is more than about Elisha Cragun, this is for all of you.

FamilySearch Family Tree is not fully functional yet, but it is in a great mode. A few of Elisha's ancestors have been researching him. Much of that research is now attached to Family Tree. That means no one has to duplicate that research. A recent addition by Gaylynn Heiner Hone provided about 100 pages of research I was about to undertake. Thank you again Gaylynn.

A most important reference was to an online book by a dcragun. Thank you dcragun. This was an awesome addition to the Elisha's Tree, for all of us and our posterity.

Here is a copy and summary of the 14 sources attached to Elisha Cragun. You are invited to go to and sign in for an account. Once you have done that, family tree is an option in the menu bar on top.

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  1. As a FamilySearch employee, I'm glad to see you using the sources feature to point to all kinds of very good and different information about your ancestor. I think this is an awesome way for people to add value to the tree and provide future users with a wealth of information to learn more about their ancestors. I've started doing the same with some of my ancestors. You've done an awesome job! My only suggestion is to make a bit better use of the citation field in some of them to help a user find the source again in the event the URL doesn't work anymore.