Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Fun Family Tree Feature

This is a sample of photos in my family tree people section. Those with the yellow band on the bottom right were placed by someone other than me into family tree. I've been busy posting photos and have added 533 to the tree. Many are from our sons missionary journal. Michael is deceased so the are public. Other people have added another 166 photos of my ancestors.

Their contributions make the tree a fabulous adventure. But to make it even better I have never heard of three of those four above with the banner. When I click the banner it shows my relationship. Edna Brough is a great aunt through my ancestor Lyman Wight Porter. Edward Hunter is a great uncle, also through Lyman Wight Porter, and Edward Hoagland comes to my tree through the notorious Edward Rich South. 

Every two weeks an upgrade to family tree goes live. It is a huge commitment that the church has made. It's free to all and always will be. I encourage you to participate, it's a good thing to do.

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