Saturday, March 22, 2014

Page 2 Of My Handout for My Presentation At The Pleasant Grove Family History Fair

10 great blogs

10 Great blog tips or tips off of blogs:

2- Use a separate email for genealogy related correspondence.
3- Using these four websites to search for an ancestor cover a lot of ground; there are many more:
4- The church estimates that 80% of research is duplicated research. (Collaborate)
5- Talk to your elderly relatives. Dig out their stories and facts. Remember when an old man (woman) dies a library burns. Put them on FamilySearch family tree.
6- When you find a fact record the source of that fact. Family History without sources is fairy tale.
7- When you want to find a website to tell you where to find an answer go to these two sites first: The Family Search Wiki: and Cyndi's list:
8- The FamilySearch Wiki is considered the ultimate research tool.
9- When searching in Google add the word genealogy to the search for better results.
10- The youth should understand when it comes to family history – it’s their time.

News to keep you from snoozing:

The LDS FamilySearch Partnerships are in beta and projected to go live Mid April: Members of the LDS church will have access to,, and 

Eventually the records will be available as part of the FamilySearch database; being able to be accessed in the “search records” link in family tree. 

For over 100 years member’s tithes have supported collecting, storing, microfilming, digitizing, and now publishing records online. These offer significant value to our new partners. Several additional partnerships are being negotiated by FamilySearch. 

The LDS – partnership includes the World Explorer level of membership, not the World Plus that includes and Current subscribers to the partner sites will not receive any credit for prepaid portions of subscriptions.


  1. Wow! Thank you for including my blog in your handout Larry! I'm very honored!

    And great job in your "May I Introduce To You..." interview today!!

  2. Thank you for including me in your list of 10 Great Blogs. I'm flattered. I'm also sharing this blog with my Facebook Group: "Canon City Family History Center". You offer an abundance of terrific resources. thank you so much, Larry!