Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here is an update on new FamilySearch and Family Tree.

Recent Family Tree Changes

Print Pedigree now includes PIDs

A few weeks ago, we updated the Family Group Records to include the PIDs for each individual.  With this update, all users will now see the PID for each person printed on a Pedigree Chart in the format: Sarah Moulton (KWNK-3B7).

Review Merge comparison look changes

The merge page styling has changed slightly to make it more obviously that conclusions on the right are being copied to the left. Note the use of the gray background for Person B (right side).

Sources during Merge process

Sources are now preselected during the merge process to prevent sources from being unintentionally dropped during a merge.

To tell whether the source was on the original record before the review or not, look for the “undo” option in the upper right corner of each source.  In the picture above, the “undo” option shows which means it was not on the original record but was “added” from the second record as part of the process.  The “undo” option still lets the patron choose if they want to keep the source as part of the merge process or not.  The “undo” will move the source back to the second record and delete the source from the record when they complete the merge.  They may not want to keep a source because it is already on the record in another format (i.e. manually created versus system created) or decided it is an incorrect source (i.e. for a different person).

New FamilySearch Changes

There is currently a scheduled release for new FamilySearch on Tuesday, Feb 25th.  In this release, there is one known change for patrons: A fix for the bug currently preventing patrons from seeing all children in the pedigree using Chrome.

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