Sunday, March 9, 2014

Updates in Family Tree

If you are like me you have numerous ancestors saved to the watch list. It's a great feature allowing me to stay aware of what changes are made to my ancestors. Currently there is a weekly email sent notifying me of all changes made on those ancestors.I have been told that eventually the notice will be immediate. I'd like that.

The problem just solved is that I can select an option to not be notified of my own changes. Last week I was responsible for over 80% of the changes made. I guess I could enjoy seeing my name in print, but really, I'd rather not.

Users can now optionally remove their changes from the list:  CHANGES TO PEOPLE I’M WATCHING.

Also You Can Switch Person A and Person B During a Merge

During the merge process, users can now switch Person A and Person B to place the person with more data on the lefthand side. If this operation is not allowed, the Switch Positions link does not appear.

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