Monday, March 24, 2014

More For Getting The Youth Involved

Phooey on Video games and iPad games, encourage your kids and grandkids to a much more fun passion.

I have already posted the talk by Neil A Anderson given the youth at RootsTech, click here, but even the younger can catch on. Teach them, or have a  family history consultant teach the both of  you, how to use FamilySearch, FamilySearch family tree,, and even MyHeritage. Teach them they can search on Google, FindaGrave, and if they have pioneer ancestors have them Google Mormon Overland Pioneer Trail; this takes them to an awesome site.

There is a website focused on the youth; " " I enclose their brochure from RootsTech below. You can also sign up for a weekly suggestion email. We have enjoyed going around to our grandchildren with a family home evening structured around their ages. I have come up with some games, look for something fun about an ancestor, and  shown them a puzzilla and fan chart about their ancestors.

It is their time, teach them the basics and they will do the rest. Much better than video games, more fun and satisfying too. Encourage them to find their cousins; they can do it.

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