Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just One Good Reason of Many To Subscribe To My Heritage

This feature could have saved me one month of serious research. Before I uploaded my tree to MyHeritage I decided to go through the site: chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/‎ to look up articles about the Cragun family. It was interesting and once I got into it I couldn't quit. I would guess I spent about 20 hours a week on this effort.

To my dismay - Record matching in MyHeritage has assembled all of those articles and thousands more and organized them by ancestor? Can you hear me weaping and wailing? Oh well, the good news is that I have a total of 21,298 pending matches for 7,098 people awaiting my view. Yippee.
 Here is a clip showing how it is organized:

There are at least 9 records on each of these ancestors.

Here is their announcement on this feature.

Introducing Record Matching

We're pleased to introduce today a new technology - Record Matching - that automatically finds relevant historical records for every family tree on MyHeritage!

This is an add-on feature for SuperSearch, our global search engine for historical records, that was successfully launched in June. We're very excited about Record Matching, and believe it is a breakthrough that can bring value to almost every user of MyHeritage and to people not using MyHeritage who are curious about their family history. Read the details below and we hope you'll share our excitement.
Introducing Record Matching Technology
What is Record Matching?
If you're like many of us who love genealogy but don't have lots of spare time to invest in it, you'll love Record Matching. While you're busy with other things - or even sleeping - Record Matching does much of the work for you. It works behind the scenes on a new server farm set up by MyHeritage, constantly comparing every family tree on MyHeritage to more than 4 billion historical records on SuperSearch, looking for matches to bring to you. A Record Match is a document relevant to your family's history, such as a birth record of one of your ancestors, a tombstone photo of a relative in your family, or a newspaper article describing how your great-grandfather met and fell in love with your great-grandmother. Record Matches are found automatically and delivered directly to you. New discoveries await you!
What's unique about Record Matching?  ...... for the rest of the story click this link.

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