Monday, March 3, 2014

Did Patrick Cragun Live In Pennsylvania

We find records of Patrick Cragun in Indiana. Did he come with an Irish group that settled in Pennsylvania?

Ireland the beautiful:

Or was Patrick Scottish?

I see little suggesting that we should research Pennsylvania for Patrick. However, Cragun researcher extraordinaire Gaylynne Heinger Hone thinks it worth some time. In researching for her awesome book on the Osborne's she found evidence that his Indiana neighbors came in a group from Pennsylvania. People traveled in groups for safety reasons. Perhaps Patrick was part of one of the Pennsylvania folk. Perhaps one of his neighbors had a daughter he married.

Family Search Wiki recently posted the below paragraphs about the Irish and Pennsylvania. The time period in history is right. Perhaps this will tell us more about the fabled Patrick.

Scots-Irish started coming in large numbers after 1718. They settled first in the Cumberland Valley area and later pushed into the western Pennsylvania counties of Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington, Greene, and Allegheny. Many Scotch-Irish eventually moved into southern states such as Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Kentucky. French Huguenot and Swiss families mingled with the Germans. Some Huguenots from New York migrated to Pennsylvania and settled in Berks and Lancaster counties. Swiss Mennonites began to settle in Lancaster county about 1710.
  • Dunaway, Wayland F. The Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania. Chapel Hill, N.C.: The University of North Carolina Press, 1944. Free digital version at PA's Past: Digital Bookshelf at Penn State. Includes chapters on their Ulster background in Ireland, immigration, places of settlement in Pennsylvania, military involvement, economic, social, religious, educational, and cultural contributions.
Irish Quakers came to Pennsylvania as early as the 17th Century. An outstanding historical study with brief biographies and names of extended family members remaining in Ireland, and which provides a summary of Irish Quaker emigration and migration to the state, is: Immigration of Irish Quakers to Pennsylvania, 1682-1750 .

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