Friday, May 30, 2014

Poor Typing Skills - Little Computer Knowledge Need Not Hold You Back

Back when Word Perfect was "The Program" my mother wanted me to teach her the computer. The reason was obvious, she was heavy into writing stories and booklets about her ancestors. My mother drove me crazy and put my patience into orbit; insisting I would teach the old woman how to use Word Perfect. I hardly knew it myself, and teach my mom - not possible!

Well, her determination was stronger than her lack of knowledge, natural talent for technology, and my impatience. The bottom line, opposition didn't hold her back. It was overcome by her desire.

For some it is easier to grasp than another, but I would guess that for most of the older generation you will have an easier time than my mom. You can do it if you choose it.

Easier, what makes me say this? Two reasons: First my mother was pretty, how can I say this kindly - dense?

Second, brainy people have come out with tools, like schools, to make it easier to learn. Below are two of them; one for typing and the other for learning about computers.

The better you are at typing the better you will be at research. The more confident you are with computers, the better you will be at genealogy.

Here is the way for you to have it easier than my mother had. If you want it, you can have it.

For online any level typing instructions: IT'S FUN AND IT'S FREE

For online basic or intermediate computer classes: IT'S FREE

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