Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MyHeritage is such a great website:

This is their keynote video from RootsTech 2014

Click here for the video

By the way: are you scheduled for RootsTech 2015? It's a not miss event for any level. The RootsTech conference is in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 12-14, 2015. RootsTech, hosted by FamilySearch, has quickly become the largest family history conference in North America. The unique culture of the RootsTech conference attracts growing throngs of attendees from around the world both in-person and online seeking to discover and share family connections, stories, and history.

RootsTech is a three-day family history conference offering over two hundred classes for beginners, avid hobbyists and experienced researchers.

RootsTech topics:
  • Finding and Organizing: search tactics, resources, specialized tools, methodologies, solutions, metadata, apps and software
  • Preserving Your Work And Legacy: family trees, digital migration, audio and video solutions
  • Sharing: social media, tools for collaboration, wikis, crowd sourcing, community building, blogs
  • Stories and Photos: storytelling and interviewing, capturing stories, preserving stories, enhancing stories with photos, photo restoration, movies and presentations, photo editing, oral histories
  • Tools: technology introductions, gadgets, genetic research, DNA, breaking down barriers,
  • General: family history topics in general including geographic research, time-period research, inspirations, market trends, research trends, adjacent industries, record types. (Please note, there is still an expectation in this category that technology is a part of the presented topic.)
  • Family Traditions And Lifestyle: cultural arts, handicrafts, food, influential historical events, everyday living standards, social customs, pastimes, artifacts. (Please note there is still an expectation in this category that this knowledge assists the learner in family history and that technology is a part of the presented topic.)
RootsTech Innovator Summit
  • Developer: standards and API’s, mobile app development, social applications, record imaging and visualizations, apps for youth, software and tools that enable the work of family history.
  • Business: funding and investment, startups- success stories and tips, opportunities and market trends, networking and partnerships, insights and entertainment
For more information, download the complete Call for Presentations document. It includes presentation and evaluation criteria, the submission timeline, and process details.
Questions regarding the RootsTech 2015 call for presentations can be emailed to the Content Committee at
Do you know someone who would be a great presenter for RootsTech 2015? Please share this article with them.

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