Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Four Recent Changes to Sources And Discussions In Family Tree

Below are four recent changes to sources and discussions in Family Tree:
1) Discussions- Users can now delete Legacy Disputes and comments.
Several years ago FamilySearch migrated all of the Disputes in NFS to Discussions, gave them the title of Legacy Disputes, and added the dispute as a comment to the discussion. Most of these disputes had to do with information that could not be corrected in NFS, but can be corrected in Family Tree. Discussions can only be deleted by the person who created them. These Legacy Disputes were migrated as contributed by Family Search so users could never delete them, even if they were no longer valid. With this new feature any user can delete a Legacy Dispute and the comments associated with them.
As part of this feature FamilySearch did a one-time clean-up and deleted any Legacy Dispute Discussions that did not have any comments associated with them.

2) Source Citations no longer show HTML tags <I>.
Source citations now show italics and not the html tag.

3) Source note field size was increased to hold 10,000 characters.
4) Source gadget now shows 30 sources with a more link to display all of the sources if there are more than 30.

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