Saturday, March 1, 2014

How Would You Like Being Deleted Forever? Then Don't Delete Another In Family Tree

Certainly there is a delete option in tools, just don't use it. There was and in fact still is a major debate in the developer world on whether or not delete person should even be there.

A good rule to follow is don't delete if you didn't just put the person in, in the wrong place or family. When you delete it's gone, to never be found again in the system, by anyone, even the proper family.Any sources or memories that were added are also gone. So be aware.

Also, In researching a record that “disappeared” from Family Tree, we discovered if a patron deletes a LIVING record they have added then it is completely deleted from the system. There is no way to restore the deleted living record even by an admin.

Although patrons “add” living records through Family Tree, they are actually adding records to new FamilySearch. Currently, no living records actually exist in Family Tree until the enhancement (i.e. “private spaces”) is released later this year.  

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