Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 4 Search Websites That Do The Most Good In Research

Yes, these are the four main places to start searching. I suggest you go to after you have searched on . is really good, but has a monthly fee. The way around that is to go to a nearby LDS FamilySearch Family History library where they have a contract with and you can search under our license. There are advantages to having your own membership such as you can contact people who have made entries. Using Google and Google Images to search often deliver suprising new finds. There are advanced Google Searches one can learn such as Boolean entries. Click here for an article on that.
So your assignment for day 3 is to use all of these sites to research. Keep track of your searches so you don't duplicate your work.
I am attaching above, an example of how I color code (with highligher pen) to keep track of what I have found. I also add a black ink T when I attach the source to the tree. In this example the red is when I find them on the yellow is birth sourced, the green marriage, and the orange is when I find them on a census by writing in the year.

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