Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cragun, Bingham, Porter, & Salinas Research Blogs

Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IndianaThink of all the genealogy information hiding in plain site, deep within the covers of books and publications in libraries like this.

Think of how much time is spent searching them.

Think of how much data has been stored on microfilm, with libraries such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints Salt Lake City Family History Library shelves, and in the granite vault.

Genealogy is even more hip now, people are catching the spirit. Some youngsters are choosing Genealogy over video games.

The search is on, and you might be a part of it.

I don't want you to waste your time duplicating someone else's research. My main family lines are in the title of this post. If you are from the same ancestors, you are welcome to join with me in focusing on common family lines.

If you are a Cragun Bingham Porter or Salinas lets get together and attack both our dead ends and our fables.

I'm not interested in credit or being possessive, I'm interested in results.
So join me. My sister Nancy has been awesome. Nancy if you have things to post, I welcome you to be a contributor. Other cousins known and unknown also. If you aren't related, get with the concept on your family lines. If you think you can't do this you are wrong, anyone can do this if they can do email. It's about that easy to blog. We are wrapping up the last of a four session series of training. We hope to do more of these and expect that will happen.
I have setup four research blogs. Cragun is here Porter is here Bingham is here and Salinas is here.

Today I was with a new Family History missionary today at the Salt Lake City Family History Library. Her ancestors came to Australia from England. We were able to find real good copies on microfilm of births in the county of England with children having the same last name of that ancestor. The first thing I instilled within her in her training was to use research logs to record the results. As I get more focused to being back on my research I will post the research I do on the research blog  of that family.  Back to the concept of why duplicate each others research. There is so much not yet indexed, on microfilm, in books, in journals, and in family records. I sincerely believe in, and want to be a promoter of families working together so they don't waste time duplicating each others work.

I guess that makes me a Mormon Evangelist.

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