Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picture A World Of Blogs Linking Together

You might recognize that this is  a clip of my blog. You will see it on the right column and down a bit. These are  links to a Bingham family blog I found, a Cragun blog, and four general family history blogs that I like. I will add more as I go on, building my site a bit at a time. I added the link Barry's Blog On Genealogy just yesterday.

(I have actually helped the blogs I am linking to with their search engine results. BING likes links as does Google, but BING likes links from other related to your topic blog/websites even more than Google does. Googles emphasis is analyzing the content).

In the lower section I am using a tool or Widget that actually pulls into my blog a portion of the article that was written so I can determine if I want to click it and go to the blog to read the entire article.

So now picture it: instead of my being the Lone Ranger Cragun writing about my family history lines, suppose 100 of us were, and all 100 of us were linking to or from each other. How awesome would that be?

PS and a Tip: You may have noticed that most of my articles are at least 125 words long. Google likes that.

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