Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sanford Porter, An Example of A Legacy.

Porterville Ward ruin
Origonal Portervile Church -It is for sale
As I spend time researching ancestors I have become totally aware of the importance of having at least a small life history or special experiences of our ancestors.

When Sanford Porter, who joined the Mormons right after the church was organized, took the time to dictate pages and pages of his lifes experiences he created a legacy.

His devotion to the Bible, his concern about his own being after being totally rebuffed by the local Christian ministers, and the miracle of his prayers being answered - how they were answered is a treasure to we his multi generation grandchildren.  Not being miraculous but also important to me is discovering in a library a several page story of his son John President Porter. John President was my great great grandfather Porter. What I gleaned from John President's story was a similarity in his personality to mine. He provided for his family but always lived with the believe there was gold in the Hardscrabble hills of Morgan County.  He stuck to that belief until days before he died. That's my nature.

What about you. Yesterday Kathleen and I joined about 100 people at the Riverton Family History Library. What a neat day. Glen Rawson of the Joseph Smith Papers T V Show spoke about family stories. He shared a few pioneer stories that were brief but inspiring.

I had never heard of some of the people he read us about. That was one of the points. If I were a descendant of any of those people, I would have treasured the story.

We are building a legacy for our grandchildren and great great grandchildren to feed upon. We too may not be historic figures, but to our descendants we are part of them. They will want to know us. Just as Sanford or John President, or any of my ancestors and their stories are treasures, so will our stories as we write them down.

Truly Sanford Porter is an example of a legacy. Join me in the commitment to leave mine.

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