Friday, April 27, 2012

Blogging For Genealogy Purposes

Next week Kathleen and I will be teaching the first class in a four class series of blogging for genealogy. We have, as many know, taught hundreds of professionals how to successfully blog. The class will be taught in the Family History Library Lab on the 1st floor. The classroom will hold 29 students.

Blogging for genealogy is a terrific endeavor. It can bring families closer together. It can be a great asset for doing genealogy and family history research.

The first thing I will ask the class, and therefore I ask you to consider is, what would you want to accomplish were you to blog a genealogy - family history blog.

Now before you shut me out on this topic I have two things to say: 1- Blogging is easy 2- Not being a great writer is not a problem. Besides that it is fun, and content is everywhere every day.

We will have handouts at the class and I will post what we taught so the students can return here to review the content and perhaps to even the visitor to this blog that might be willing to do this on their own. Of course, if you want to travel to Salt Lake, email me and we do have 10 seats left. The first class starts Wednesday the 1st.

The following short power point illustrates that you can create a power point and publish it.

The power point is short, take a look and ask yourself why would you blog? In the class, I'll be asking.

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