Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hey Cragun Family - Let's Collaborate on Patrick

If you are a Cragun, you probably can trace your family tree back to Patrick Cragun. We hear he was born in Dublin Ireland in  1745. It seems he had 14 children with one wife. This map depicts areas we think he lived and had children, mostly in Tennessee. What would be cool is to either verify his life or find new information. Perhaps you can help.
His life history is mostly gathered by verbal stories that have been written down by others. He seems to have been a colorful patriot. We hear he was in the Boston Tea Party and was arrested 4 times for civil disobedience. I guess he thought the British weren't the civil ones.

Lets go beyond the two accounts we have of Patrick. Dig out  you mommas journals. Let's share with each other about our immigrant grandfather and his many capers.

Patrick died in Whitestown, Boone County, Indiana, United Stats.

As I research Patrick I will post new things I find to this post. If you have things to add, leave a comment or email me at and I will let you share your great knowledge with the world. Let's not let each other duplicate each others work.

We have a couple of versions of his wife's name: Rose Hannah Alley and Rose Mary Alley.

I'd also be interested in if you find documents that show how Cragun was spelled in his area of the world.

Click here for the story that much the Patrick Cragun folk lore comes from.

PS: It may be true, lets find out.

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